For the past 30 years, enterprise communications have been built around the personal computer. During this time, the personal computer became central to our professional, and eventually, our personal lives. Today, we're seeing a role reversal where communication methods used in our personal life is pushing changes in our work.

While many organizations have not harnessed the full power or the potential of advanced communications, employees are already jumping ahead and asking, what's next? And, why can't I use my smart device for work? As a result, they are driving the new PC Era where the "C" is something entirely new!

Welcome to the new Personal Cloud Era!

This book examines the network computer era, the effect the experience economy has on enterprise communications, and the economic value of unified communications. It then discusses the transformation agents that are shaping the enterprise network’s future, the effect of BYOD on the transformation, and the need for an application fluent network.

All of these changes are creating a need and desire to shift to the cloud, with data centers providing computing as a service, hosted and managed IP telephony solutions being shifted to the cloud plus a discuss on the effect of personal clouds on the enterprise.

The book provides the steps required to have cloud-ready communications, plus much, much more.

MAKE IT PERSONAL - Enterprise Communications in the
Personal Cloud Era

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