Mobility has become a challenge that network administrators face every day. The 802.11ac promises more bandwidth, more applications per device, and greater coverage - but it also brings a whole new set of requirements for the wireless network.

To help you with the transition so you can gradually get your network ready and become a truly mobile enterprise, Alcatel-Lucent has put together an 802.11ac Readiness Kit, made up of three key documents:

What to Expect From 802.11ac

Taking best practice learnings from 802.11n, new 802.11ac Wi-Fi technologies demonstrate extraordinary improvements. This paper provides a detailed look at these improvements, such as wider channels, higher-rate modulation and higher-level MIMO.
  • Key Steps for a Successful Migration to 802.11ac
    802.11ac is well on its way to becoming the standard for next-generation Wi-Fi. The gigabit speed, improved capacity and reliability that 802.11ac brings to wireless LANs (WLANs) are amplified as mobile users, devices and application usage continue to grow rapidly. Whether you are an early adopter who has already started planning, or like many organizations, you are unsure of the steps to take, this paper provides guidelines to help you prepare for a successful migration to an 802.11ac WLAN.
  • About Wireless LAN ClientMatch™ Technology
    Ensuring that all wireless network clients get the service levels they need is a major challenge — especially when smartphones, tablets and other clients control their own connectivity and roaming decisions. ClientMatch is an RF management technology that puts the WLAN infrastructure in control of client connectivity and roaming. This paper provides an overview of how ClientMatch monitors clients and automatically matches them to the right radio on the right access point (AP), boosting overall WLAN performance and delivering consistent, predictable performance to every user and client while eliminating the sticky client problem.
802.11ac Migration Readiness Kit
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