You understand that delivering a stellar customer experience has become a key way for your business to differentiate itself in a global, internet economy. Even if you are doing a great job today, you know that the bar is constantly being raised. Customers expect more and more, year after year.

You need to understand the possibilities, so you can decide what you should be building into next year’s budget. That’s what this white paper is all about. It explores the transition happening in how customers want to interact with companies and their contact centers. It details how this transition is being driven by customer need for an experience that matches the capabilities of the technologies they use every day.

The paper examines how contact center and IT management want — and can gain — similar revolutionary advantages by deploying the latest customer experience solutions. We describe how the capabilities of Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch™ Customer Service can be deployed to meet the expectations of all three groups of stakeholders: customers, contact center management and information technology professionals.

Enter your details and download the white paper co-written with Sheila McGee-Smith, a leading communications industry analyst and strategic consultant. Ms McGee-Smith has spent over 20 years in the communications industry, including 12 years with the analyst firm The PELORUS Group.
Are you Delivering a 21st Century Contact Center Experience?

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