Remove the complexity and inflexibility of your network infrastructure by deploying an Intelligent Fabric.

Download the application note and learn how you can benefit from Intelligent Fabric (iFab) technology:
  • Network design made easy – you no longer need to work out all the technical details, or remember all the technical protocols
  • Network deployment made straightforward – unpack the boxes, mount it, connect and power up, done. 
  • Maintenance made simple – any failures will be detected in real time and automatically rerouted. 
  • Moves & changes made automatic – Movement of the users, devices and/or applications becomes non-intrusive without requiring IT involvement.
With iFab, you now have a programmable network that interacts with applications, automates workflow and gives IT complete visibility of the infrastructure.

It is time to take control and remove the last barrier for IT to support agile business needs
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