Market reports confirm that the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend is well underway.  A May 2012 report by Accenture noted that 45% of employees find personal devices and applications more useful than those provided by their employer.   Whatever approach is chosen to support the BYOD trend requires IT teams to be vigilant about how devices are incorporated and authorized on the network. 

Ultimately, a new enterprise network strategy is required to accommodate ever-increasing user demands that dynamically change based on which application or service is used by employees at any given time, at any location, and with any device.

Download the white paper on Embracing the Bring Your Own Device Trend to Improve Employee Productivity to get an in-depth look into a strategy that truly leverage the BYOD trend to build an enterprise 2.0 environment for your employees, while ensuring enterprise communications and information are secure at all times.

Improving Employee Productivity

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