Alcatel-Lucent Enteprise

We would like to ensure you have a great “Hospitality Days” so please complete the fields below:


For your stay Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise hold rooms at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel.

Reminder: the 2 nights are booked only for customers travelling from outside Europe.


ALE will pay for the hotel accommodation costs for the duration of the event: nights of 16 or 17 or 18 weather you are travelling from Europe or not.

If you wish to anticipate or extend your staying to enjoy this beautiful region, please contact Sébastien Michel from the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotels

During the event, we will organize personal sessions (30 minutes) with our ALE Executives on site.
If you are interested in having a Face to Face meeting with one of them, please let us know:


We required your attention with the fill in of your flight details.