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To find the ideal OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN configuration to meet your needs – from access points built to the latest industry standard (802.11ac) to unified management and location-based services – just answer the questions below by selecting the relevant options.

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            SMALL-SIZED WLAN

            The WLAN for compact, self-contained sites, such as a boutique hotel, medical practice or clinic, school or study center and smaller transport hub, requiring up to 32 AP1101 entry level access points, managed by Wi-Fi Express for SMB.


            The choice for mid-sized organizations wanting reliable, efficient coverage from larger boutique hotels to standalone hotels, general hospital or medical practices, local schools and education centers, and transport hubs.

            LARGE-SIZED WLAN

            The larger WLAN provides fast, cost-effective coverage for big, multi-room hotels and hospitality events, major hospitals and clinics, education campuses and main transportation centers.


            To link several smaller sites or parts of a complex, such as a hotel annex to the main building, medical centers, school blocks or transportation links. A mix of access points can be used, up to a total of 64

            MULTI-SITE WLAN

            Connecting several sites into a single WLAN, whether a hotel park, connected hospitals, linked campuses or geographically-separate transportation stations, requires the most advanced technology and widest coverage.

            Entry level
            Entry Level

            Specially designed for SMBs, these 802.11ac Wave 1 access points provide 3x speed of previous standard – up to 1.2 Gb/s throughput.

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            Mid level
            Mid Level

            These mid level access points support the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac Wave 2 with up to 2.2+ Gb/s throughput.

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            High end
            High End

            These high end access points support the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac Wave 2 with a rapid 4.2+ Gb/s throughput.

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            Designed for the harshest of environments, the AP1251 wireless access point supports 802.11ac Wave 2 and performs well under any weather conditions.

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            Omnivista Management
            Omnivista Management
            Managed deployment: OmniVista 2500

            Save time and money and provide a seamless user experience with unified management of both your LAN and WLAN, through a single dashboard.

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            Distributed intelligent architecture
            Distributed intelligent architecture
            OmniAccess Stellar WLAN

            Uniquely, OmniAccess Stellar WLAN distributes intelligent control to each access point.

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            Location-based services
            Location-based services
            OmniAccess Stellar Indoor Location Based System

            Can monitor locations, track people and educational assets using optional or embedded Bluetooth low energy beacons and scanners.

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